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What Is the Gospel?

by Pastor Scott Rees Oct 18

Last night at our monthly Men’s Dinner I put a question to the group and kept pressing them to a very pointed focus. The question was: What is the Gospel?... Keep Reading

A Congregational Prayer for Recent Events

by Joanne Fagerland Oct 10

The following prayer was written by Joanne Fagerland for a congregational time of prayer on October 8, 2017. As you watch the news and want to pray for those who were affected, this would be a good prayer to use. ... Keep Reading

What I Learned from Martin Luther about Daily Prayer

by Pastor Scott Rees Oct 7

This year is the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation, which began with Martin Luther posting his lecture series points inviting the town to hear 95 reasons they should not pay the Pope for “Indulgences.”... Keep Reading

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