Soul Weather Forecasting

by Pastor Scott Rees on February 19th, 2014

What if we could forecast the weather of our soul? I thought of this today when I checked the weather on my computer. I “googled” it; “weather Oakdale today” and got a page that showed me what was up and what was coming. If you want to see what I mean, here’s the link:

What I liked about it was the graphic that visualized the trends. And I really like the three buttons for “temperature” “precipitation” and “wind”. And I really like the arrows that showed the wind. When the wind was from the south the temps went up. When the winds came from north they went down. Duh! But it made me think; “if we knew where the winds were going to be coming from in our life, in our soul, we’d be able to prepare for the day. I think this is why the Lord wants us to read His Word and pray regularly.